Today I finished installing the replacement water pump in the 1969 AMX. I’m a little concerned about a perceptible amount of side play in the bearing noticeable when I try and wobble the fan blade from side to side with my hand. You would assume there should be none present. I checked online and there was not a consensus of opinion on acceptable bearing play – so I left it alone. After I attached and tensioned the drive belts, the play didn’t seem any greater than on my reference vehicles in the shop. There is always some twist, isn’t there?

AMC Power Steering Pump Seal Kit

While I was at it, I couldn’t help noticing that the power steering pump was jettisoning all of its red fluid all over the shop floor and/or what ever car may be stacked underneath it. I grabbed an AMC Power Steering Pump Seal Kit that I had been keeping in-stock for just such a situation. I only changed the (2) seals that keep the reservoir from leaking. The pump functions perfectly so I left the rest alone. I purchase my American Motors power steering pump kits from our sponsor, They stock the exact kits for the proper year.

This section of the heater hose is shot, but it is original equipment from 1969. It still has the factory part number stamped on it. The firewall end is attached to an actual surviving factory clamp. I am a sucker for originality so I clipped the worst inch off the end and reattached it.

The original AMC P/N 3192120 can be seen on this surviving heater hose.