Eastwood AMC Blue DSCN2318
Eastwood AMC Blue engine paint. Photo from Eastwood.

64-67=Cape Cod Blue Metallic

68=Caravelle Blue Metallic

69-73=Blue Poly Metallic

74-82=Blue Base

Eastwood AMC Blue = Seymore EN #66 (it is the same color per Eastwood)

Ditzler # 13730 was mentioned on a forum along with Seymore EN #66. Someone also mentioned that Seymore was no longer producing it.


Paint Sources 1971 B3 Quick Sliver Metallic Acrylic Enamel $130/gal  https://www.carpaintonline.com/products.php?PPGCode=2275&PNId=4457&SPCId=9
hey are this company: http://rwmallonautopaint.com/

PPG  http://www.tcpglobal.com/